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Enough Silliness on Age and Ordination

I’m almost surprised that Methodists haven’t crashed the whole Internet, as many emails, twitter messages, and blog pieces that have been circulating through cyberspace over the subject in recent days. For the “outing” of a Texas Conference internal proposal, one … Continue reading

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A Blast from the Past

Uncle Robert had a grocery store there, and it was always where I wanted to head first whenever we visited that little town with the geographically challenged name. For if you could maneuver your way down those narrow aisles and … Continue reading

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Running the Race in Boston

Since 1897 they’ve been running the race in Beantown, making it the world’s oldest marathon. And from early on, the race has been likewise tied to Patriot’s Day in Boston, the annual commemoration of that “shot heard ‘round the world” … Continue reading

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Sauntering into Sixty

I realize, of course, that I’m not really a year older today than I was yesterday…just a few hours, in fact. Yet somehow, whenever you cross into a new decade of your life, it seems a little weightier. Especially when … Continue reading

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