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Hershey Bar Heroes

It was not exactly the kind of “white Christmas” about which crooners like to sing or children like to dream.  For the bitter wind and cold whipped cruelly through the cracks in the walls as the harsh winter weather pushed inside … Continue reading

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Near-Sighted Faith (Advent Devotion for December 9)

Growing up, it was easily my favorite out of the myriad of versions of Charles Dicken’s classic novella.  For the 1962 television program was not only the first animated Christmas special ever crafted for that medium, but it featured the perfect … Continue reading

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A Rangifer at Chick Fil-A

They’re not exactly native to this area, preferring the far more frosty mountainous areas that circumscribe the Artic.  So when a full-fledged rangifer tarandus showed up for a promotion at a local fast-food restaurant yesterday, it was worth going out to see, especially … Continue reading

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No Surprises Here (Advent Devotion for December 7)

The conventional wisdom is that nobody saw it coming, that when the attack began on a quiet Sunday morning some 79 years ago today that it came as a complete surprise to the naval forces stationed on the otherwise paradisiacal island.  But … Continue reading

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A Saint for All Seasons (Advent Devotion for December 4)

His feast day will be on Sunday, though it will probably pass right by most Americans.  For long ago, the fourth-century bishop of an obscure town in Turkey was transformed into a commercialized and confusing symbol of the season who currently … Continue reading

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Birds of a Feather (Advent Devotion for December 3)

They’re ducks all right but as naturalist Jo Alwood has said, they don’t seem entirely convinced about it.  For black-bellied whistling ducks not only look like geese–with their long legs and necks and finishing school erect posture–but they also form pair … Continue reading

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Opening the Door (Advent Devotion for December 2)

To be certain, his theological writings about such ideas as “religionless Christianity” and “cheap grace” were profound. But it was his private correspondence from prison that actually introduced him to the world some six years after his death on April … Continue reading

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A “Pear-able” for Our Times (Advent Devotion for December 1)

A little like some guests may do, they showed up a bit early.  For the intention was to give them out on St. Nicholas Day, December 6.  When they were delivered to my office last Tuesday, however, plans quickly shifted.  Because the last … Continue reading

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