Welcoming Jedidiah

Dear Jed,

Welcome to our world! We were beginning to think you would never get here, but like those fabled Wise Men of old, you showed up at last for the celebration of Epiphany yesterday on January 6. And so, now that you are here, you may be wondering what comes next.

Well, first off, it’s time for your mom and dad to get a little rest for like many babies, you decided to begin your journey here in the dead of the night. So for the next few days, at least, your Gram and Obi will be hanging around your house to help out, giving your parents whatever snatches at sleep which they can grab.

After that, however, your main job is going to be one of adjustment to this world which admittedly can sometimes be a bit demanding. You came here, after all, woefully unprepared, with almost no defenses against whatever myriad forms of mayhem you may encounter.

But then, that’s kind of how Jesus did it as well, which is what makes the Incarnation (which you just missed celebrating with us) incredible and even unimaginable. For when God invaded this world two thousand years ago, He showed up here in the most vulnerable form possible, relying not upon His own strength or even all the forces of heaven, but simply upon the love and protective impulses of two practically powerless parents.

Fortunately, your mom and dad have a few more resources and safeguards than Mary and Joseph, who were forced to take their newborn and flee the country just to keep him safe. (But since you were born in England I would like you to go ahead and get your U.S. passport all the same, just in case!)

Once you’ve gotten used to us here, however, then your task is going to be to try to change us. For the truth is, we need a few more good individuals in this world who can remind us of how God intended for us to live, and as a friend or beloved of God– which is what your name means, Jedidiah, just as God gave that blessing name to Solomon long ago– you would seem to be a good candidate for that work.

Most of all, I hope that in the days and months and even years ahead, you will grow not only in your stature– and starting out at nine pounds and six and one half ounces is a great beginning– but in the wisdom and knowledge of God, as well. That will be the prayer which your Gram and I will have for you all the days of your life, even as we’ve prayed that for your cousin Bryson and, before that, your parents and uncle as well.

In the meantime, whenever you need a little extra spoiling, we’ll be here, for that’s one of the very best jobs which grandparents get these days. Just tell your folks you want to Facetime or Skype and we’ll show up as close as the newest smart phone or iPad.

We’re glad you finally made it, Jed, and can’t wait to see all that the Lord has planned for all those who love Him. Even a little guy as defenseless right now as you.

Your Obi (yes, as in Obi-Wan Kenobi–you’ll understand this more when you’re older)

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7 Responses to Welcoming Jedidiah

  1. drkaj says:

    Your tiny little girl gave birth to a nine-pound-six-and-one-half-ouncer? OMG! Congrats to all of you!

  2. Clayton Bell says:

    No pictures!?

  3. Jackie M. says:

    Congrats Obi (Fantastic, btw). Can’t wait to see photos.

  4. Laura Neumann says:

    So happy to see he is here!

  5. Kahthe Behrend says:

    Wonderful, long-awaited news! God bless you all.

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