Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?

I was just fourteen when the song came out, but according to the story, Paul actually wrote it many years earlier when he was only sixteen himself. He forgot all about it until his own father’s special birthday nine years later, however, and even then, his partner John was not exactly a fan of the tune, saying in an interview some years afterwards, “I would never even dream of writing a song like that.”

To be sure, the almost vaudevillian melody was a little out of sync with the rest of their music, and the clarinet trio featured in the song was not exactly standard instrumentation for the group. On the other hand, whenever the amplifiers failed or the power went off, it did make a nice filler for the boys to sing.

Still, when it first appeared on the 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Paul McCartney’s sentimental siren “When I’m Sixty-Four,” became an enormous hit. For there was something sweet indeed about the idea that though life won’t always be easy (“we shall scrimp and save”) in the end, it can be worth it when we can one day simply work in the garden and play with grandchildren, even if their names aren’t Vera, Chuck, and Dave.

Of course, I’m afraid that I lost much of my own hair years ago, and unfortunately, when my formerly long locks left the premises they seemed to take a lot of brain cells with them. And today, I’m not even sure that I could stay out until quarter of three if I wanted to do so.

But having just turned sixty-four at 12:01 this morning, I’m happy at least that my dear wife not only has never locked the door on me but that she still feeds me and even seems to need me, just as I do her. And there’s something incredibly nice about going through life with a person who not only knows you well, but has loved you long.

It’s said that when Paul McCartney turned 64 himself eleven years ago that his own children made a special recording of this song at Abbey Road Studios and presented it to him as a surprise present. But I have a feeling that he wasn’t really all that surprised at all. After all, he had forty-eight years to get ready for it.

And how good it is when “sincerely ” or not, we don’t simply “waste away” the years but we treasure them all as a wonderful gift from God. For to quote Sir Paul, who really could ask for more?







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19 Responses to Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?

  1. Paula Ruth Gochnour says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Sherry Bishop says:

    Beautiful! Happy Birthday!!!!

    You don’t travel to escape life. You travel so life won’t escape you.


  3. Tammy Gilts says:

    Happy 64, my friend!!

  4. Sara J. White says:

    Happy birthday Pastor Temple & many many more to come! Thanks for the reminder from you and from Paul McCartney’s song “When I’m 64” that He still needs us and He still feeds our souls.

    As for me, I’m thankful that I’m enjoying good health and especially enjoying all of Bob’s and my blended family which now includes a great grandchild and another on the way along with our 8 grandchildren & their parents. The church & our friends there are joys that never end and also provide us still more for which to be thankful.

    As for me, I hoped for 64, but I never dreamed of living to see “81” but now that I’m there, those with whom I travel mean more than ever as does the Presence of our Heavenly Father! What amazing grace and hope for what’s yet to come!

    So thank you blessed Jesus for your sacrifices & constant presence that have given me & so many others though the ages, the joyful assurance of being forever loved & redeemed!

    In addition to wishing you many more happy birthdays & lots of time to stop and “smell the roses,” I wish you and your family a very Happy and blessed Easter.

    Sara Jane White

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  5. Doreen says:

    Happy Birthday and many happy blessings this week.. Instead of getting gifts, you gave us all the gift of a loving message and a loving heart.:) Thank you.

  6. Marilyn Harman says:

    Sweet memories.  Precious witness of Julie.  Y’all really do have something special!!  You both are loved by so many.  Especially the Harmans!!  Enjoy your day.

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  7. Brandye says:

    Happiest of birthdays, Chap! And, many, many more!

  8. amygyoung says:

    Happy Birthday Chappell! May you be blessed with many more!

  9. Kathe says:

    Happy Birthday and many years of joy and happiness!
    Bob and Kathe Behrend

  10. Lucille Massey says:

    Happy Birthday Chap; May all your 4th days be filled w/knowing you are truly and sincerely loved by many of us.

  11. Dawn Shull says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday. Miss your sermons. Did you ever think you’d hear that?

    Dawn Shull

  12. Judy Robertson says:

    I hope you have had a perfect day! Happy Birthday!

  13. Barbara Burnham says:

    Happy Birthday,Chap! Enjoy a chance to celebrate YOU! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  14. Runa Chatterjee says:

    Happy birthday Pastor Temple!!

  15. collen flint says:

    Happy birthday! I know that this year will be full of blessings and joys for your family.

  16. marvinfuller@windstream.net says:

    And many, many more.

  17. Bill & Pat Hood says:

    May you have many more years to cherish, encourage and be encouraged.
    Loved what you wrote in your blog.

  18. Bobbie Nell Higgins says:

    Happy Birthday Chap ! All our love to you and Julie. Jerry and I speak of you often and have always loved you , we cherish the memories of the past and the blessing you have been in our lives. Jerry had his 83rd birthday earlier in the month and I am not far behind. His vision has not improved but has not slowed him down in his Prison Ministry nor his love, loyalty and dedication to the Methodist Church. Just could not leave this page without including a personal note. May God continue to bless you in your ministry and your obedient service to Him . Our love and prayers are for you, Julie, Andy and Angela and their families.
    The Higgins

  19. Kathy Vanderheiden (Donaho) says:

    Just happened on your piece, which I loved. Happy 64th birthday, Chap! (sorry I’m six weeks late) Please give my best wishes to Julie. We are blessed indeed to grow old with a life partner who knows us long and loves us well. It is also a great joy to be part of a caring community of friends, colleagues, and neighbors – and I am glad that you are so blessed.

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