When God Came Down

(Following my custom of writing a new poem for each Christmas, the following was included in the weekly worship guide at Christ Church of Sugar Land for today, December 24.)

It’s Christmas Eve and on this night

A distant moon ago,

In far-off ancient Bethlehem

Where few would even go,

God came to earth, and had His birth

That all the world might know

His love broke in, despite our sin,

His glory thus to show.


For in that stable bare and mean

Where lady Mary lay,

The power of God was swaddled too

Asleep upon the hay.

The shepherds came to see Him

For they heard the angels say,

“The favor of the Lord has come

To earth this glorious day.”


And from afar, the Christmas Star,

Led Wise Men on their way

To find the King, their gifts to bring

And there to kneel and pray.

So may we all, both great and small,

Like them, give thanks and praise

For Christ was born that glorious morn

The joy of all our days.


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7 Responses to When God Came Down

  1. Kathe and Bob says:

    Beautiful! Christmas joy and blessings to you and your family.

  2. Nancy Schulz says:

    Love it!!!! Mr. Poet!!! You and Julie and all have an amazing Christmas!!!!

  3. Marilyn Harman says:

    This is beautiful, Chap! Merry Christmas to y’all! Love & hugs to you both! Marilyn

  4. Steve Matthews says:

    Thank you, Chap! Reading this is a nice way to spend the final moments of Christmas Eve 2017.

  5. Norma Davis says:

    Many thanks for the lovely thoughts this Christmas Day. Blessings to you. Norma Davis Sent from my iPad Believe it or not!


  6. Becky Monto says:

    That is so beautiful. Thank you!

  7. Debbi Fontenot says:

    This is beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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