A Prayer for El Paso and Dayton

(Several have asked for a copy of the prayer I gave this morning at Christ Church following the tragic shootings on Saturday in El Paso and Dayton.  As I post it below I pray that all may find peace in these days as we walk through this seemingly endless valley of the shadow of death, waiting for the return of the One who can finally set it all right.)

“Dear God, once again we have seen the face of evil in the taking of so many innocent lives yesterday in El Paso and Dayton, and as people of faith, it seems to strike close to home indeed.  We confess that we do not understand the brokenness of this world, or the brokenness in the lives of others that allows them to channel such rage and hatred to people whom they do not even know.  Our hearts weigh heavy for the families of those whose lives were lost, and for those whose lives hang still in the balance as they are tended to by doctors and nurses so far away.

And so, as we have done far too often in recent times, we simply stop once more and we join in the ancient prayer of your people, Kyrie eleison, Christe eleisonLord, have mercy, Christ, have mercy.  Like a desperate father so long ago cried out to you, Jesus, saying “Lord, come down, my son is ill,” so we cry this morning, “Lord, come down, our world is ill, wracked with bloodshed and violence the live-long day.  We are sick, but You can make us well, if You but say, if You but say.”  For all this we ask on this day, praying that all will know even in the midst of great loss Your peace that truly can surpass all that we can understand and even all that we don’t, Amen.”

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13 Responses to A Prayer for El Paso and Dayton

  1. Sally Mc Knight says:

    Is it ok to share this outside of our Christ Church family?


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Nancy Olson says:

    Thank you, Chap. Our heart are breaking

  3. amygyoung says:

    Thank you Chap. A beautiful prayer that I will repeat in the days ahead.

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  5. Becky Monto says:

    Thank you. Amen

  6. Doreen Grieve says:

    Thank you.

  7. Barbara Freeny says:

    Such a great prayer for all Christian to echo!

  8. Tommye L Szafarz says:

    Is posting on FaceBook okay? Liz Williams and I (T.J. Szafarz) were in the Henley Unit in Dayton and out of touch with the world. When we came out of the unit, we heard the news and of course upon returning to the unit, the team, participants, chaplain, and correctional officers prayed for everyone involved in the shootings. However I would like my FaceBook friends to read your prayer, with your permission.

  9. Kathryn Behrend says:

    Thankyou for sharing. Our hearts are indeed heavy.

  10. Jack Adair says:

    Thank you, Pastor Temple. It is heartbreaking for both El Paso and Dayton. As I am a native Daytonian, it is especially sad for me. Your prayer Sunday was very appropriate and the start of healing for me.

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