(For many years it has been my practice to write a new poem each Advent.  Here’s my offering for 2022.)

Amidst the changes bold and deep

That sometimes steal away my sleep

Your promises You always keep


And when the ebb and flow of life

Brings sometimes gladness, sometimes strife

Your Word cuts through all like a knife


For long ago and far away

Within a manger on the hay

You burst into this world that day


What prophets longed to one day see

What others thought could never be

The joy of Your nativity


Despite our doubts and all our sin

Our pride and will to always win

To each heart You will enter in


For in these days of ordered mirth,

The meaning of Your humble birth

Is that You came down to this earth


 “God with Us” is Your sweet Name

And You still heal the sick and lame

Our lives need never be the same


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13 Responses to Emmanuel

  1. Sally Mc Knight says:

    He’s a master with words.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Marilynn Scanlin says:

    Blessings and Thanks for the Christmas message. Love, Marilynn

  3. Ann Pollock says:

    Your poem is very nice, thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Jerry Vaughan says:

    A heart felt expression that our Savior will bless! Merry Christmas to you and those you love.

  5. Royce Thompson says:

    Just awesome!! Beautiful Christmas message! Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year!

  6. Pam says:


  7. Edward A. Monto says:

    Thank you, Chap! Merry Christmas to you, Julie and your family.

  8. Kathe Behrend says:

    Beautiful ❣️Merry Christmas to you and your family 😇🎄

  9. Dorothy Pledger says:


  10. Margaret Dickson says:

    Thank you❣️

  11. dvgrieve says:

    What Christmas in meant to say! Imagine if a single advertiser put that on TV instead of buy more happiness. Merry Christmas to you and Julie and the whole family.

  12. ettehgreen says:

    Good Morning Chap,

    I woke with a concern on my heart – am I going to lose all of your blogs from the Christ Church site? Should I figure out how to copy them? Also, do you have an easy way to send me all of your poems? I love your mind! — and spirit!!!

    Love your poem – Emmanuel!

    Missing you – and your beautiful words, ette

    PS: Jim and I have tried to figure out how to be in Baytown with our son’s family and in Sugar Land for your last sermon on Chrostmas morn – but it seems we must miss your last sermon. I hope it will be on the Christ Church website. God bless you and Julie as the walk with God continues! I hope our paths cross agian – and again! Do you have your own website? ________________________________

  13. Larry Harman says:

    Chap, thanks for sharing your journey with us….m&l

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